Is a social entrepreneurship and innovation management master’s right for you?

By H. Young

Updated October 11, 2021 Updated October 11

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Social entrepreneurship has become a rising business trend over the last 10 years and many businesses are recognising social impact as a new driver for business growth. It’s therefore unsurprising that universities around the world are now offering degree programmes that aim to nurture the next generation of social entrepreneurs who are ready to champion social impact, innovation and purpose-driven careers.

Lingnan University, the only liberal arts university in Hong Kong, is rolling out its brand-new MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management for anyone working in or aspiring to a career in social innovation and social impact. The programme combines theoretical and practical teaching, allowing students to gain invaluable hands-on experience and knowledge on entrepreneurial leadership and innovation management for a better society.

If you’re thinking of pursuing a master’s in social entrepreneurship and innovation management, here’s what you need to consider…

You want to make a difference

There are many social, economic and environmental issues in the world that need innovative solutions. Being a social entrepreneur or being part of a social impact organisation means you could be the one to find such solutions and bring about positive change.

Launching a successful social enterprise isn’t always an easy job. Most of the world’s most popular social impact businesses – think TOMS, Lush, Ben & Jerry’s and Terracycle – were the result of great solutions, innovative strategies and solid market interest.

So, although it is important to have a vision, it’s also important that you understand how to best use your skills and knowledge to proactively turn your idea into a profitable, sustainable long-term business venture.

You want to tap into your creative and innovative mindset

Social entrepreneurs like to think outside-of-the-box and tend to see opportunities which others may perceive to be as obstacles. The MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at Lingnan University lets students’ imaginations run free and put their creative, problem-solving skills to the test. And with the regular consultations and supports from subject-matter experts in the fields, turning visions into reality has never been more possible.

You want to develop key business skills

Connecting aspirational and creative ideas with business know-how is key to ensuring social impact organisations stay abreast of latest innovation and trends, and stay financially viable to succeed in the long-term.

Studying a master’s degree like the MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management sees students delve into the most crucial fields of business and entrepreneurship management as well as new areas of social innovation that have evolved significantly in recent years. These skillsets are not just relevant to social impact organisations – they are 21st century skills that are relevant and crucial in a variety of industries to help drive innovation and change.

You want to build a strong network

Knowing the right people can lead to exciting collaborative projects, successful professional relationships, and even new job opportunities later down the line.

At Lingnan University, MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management students can connect with esteemed local, regional and international partner organisations.

Through various community-based experiential learning experiences as well as exchange and internship opportunities, students can make a long-lasting impression on their peers and industry leaders alike and build their foundation of network partners, which is theirs to keep and grow in the many years to come.

You want to pursue a purpose-driven career

Whether you have plans for your own social start-up, or you want to be part of an already established social organisation where you drive social impact initiatives, a master’s degree in social entrepreneurship and innovation management will hone your skills in the space of social impact and innovation.

The MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at Lingnan University offers students professional consultations with various social and business experts as well as internship opportunities in different areas. This opens up opportunities for both working and recent graduates who want to broaden and better pave their career paths.


This article was originally published in October 2021 .

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