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Student studying

Application Essay Writing and Refinement

Our international team of essay experts can highly customize your personal statements, resumes, recommendation letters, and topic essays, ensuring that each application for every school and program hits the mark, helping you stand out in the fierce competition for top universities.

Global Mentor Professional Exploration and Career Assessment

Choosing a university and graduate program, as well as initially determining a personal career direction, are crucial pre-study abroad tasks. We have over 100 academic mentors from Ivy League schools in the US, UK G5, and top universities in Europe and Asia, who can provide highly targeted assistance to help students understand the scope and future career development directions of their intended field of study.

Research and Paper Publication

More and more universities value students' research experience and academic abilities in admissions. Participating in one or more relevant research projects or even publishing papers before applying will increase your chances of admission. Following a professor in your field and participating in targeted research projects is an important part of pre-study abroad preparation.

Volunteer Work and Internship Experience

Many renowned global universities have certain requirements for students' social responsibility, leadership, sustained research interests, and accomplishments in sports, arts, and humanities. The QS Education Planning team has extensive collaborations with numerous charitable organizations, international organizations, well-known enterprises, sports and arts competitions, and international forums. We can customize suitable volunteer practices and internship programs for students in various organizations, significantly enhancing students' advantages in international university application competitions.

Admission Test and Interview Coaching

Written tests and interviews are in-depth screening processes set by many world-renowned universities after receiving numerous applications. Students who can enter the written test and interview stages often already have excellent academic backgrounds, so whether they can ultimately succeed will depend on their performance at this stage. Our global mentors have years of coaching experience and deep insights into the written tests and interviews of top global institutions, and many mentors themselves have served as interviewers at world-renowned universities.

Visa and Accommodation

If you don't know how to apply for visas and prepare for overseas accommodation, our visa and overseas accommodation application services can help you. Our experienced consultants and teams in destination countries can provide you with one-on-one personalized service.

Study Abroad Financial Services

Financial support is an important guarantee for studying abroad. If you have questions about applying for student loans or credit cards, our study abroad financial services team, in collaboration with international banks, provides comprehensive support.

Overseas Insurance Services

The safety and health of students far from home are important concerns for both parents and us. The QS China team and overseas branches, in collaboration with international insurance groups, provide a series of insurance protection services.

Service Process and Content

01 Pre-Application
  • Expert review of course content and grades
  • Expert assessment of potential and direction
  • Country and school selection
  • Internship and research arrangements
  • Standardized test planning
  • Basic personal material preparation
02 During Application
  • National application strategy formulation
  • Essay writing and polishing
  • Application material completion and submission
  • Full-process timeline management
  • Interview guidance and mock practice
03 Post-Application
  • Application result tracking
  • Visa and accommodation arrangements
  • Study abroad financial and insurance consultation
  • Pre-departure guidance
  • Post-study academic and career support
  • Post-study learning and career planning
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