10 Ways to Manage Stress While Studying in Australia

10 Ways to Manage Stress While Studying in Australia

Carly Williams

Updated January 16, 2020 Updated January 16

Studying abroad in a completely foreign destination can be extremely overwhelming, particularly as Australia’s so far away from home for most of us. Not only are you in a new place, but you’re trying to balance your studies, your social life, and eating healthily, all while making sure you’re making the most of your time in the land down under (I mean, who wants to study when you could be at the beach?). Here are some ways to help manage all the changes coming your way as you adapt to studying in Australia, and stop university stress getting the best of you while hitting the books.

1. Take a self-care day


But for real, grab a face mask, some ice cream, and your favorite Netflix show. Taking time to put your mind and body first throughout the madness of the school year is the most important thing you can do. Whether it means taking an hour for yourself between studying, or taking a day to put away the books, self-care is vital.

2. Get some exercise


Staying active is a sure-fire way that you will at the very least feel a little better about all the studying you have to do. For a lot of people, exercise can act as a release of anxiety and a restart to your mind. And lucky for you, Australia is pretty much the best place to get outside since you are never too far from the coast. There is truly no better therapy than taking a stroll along the beach, listening to the waves crash, and breathing in the sea breeze.

3. Stay hydrated


Australia can get hot, and I mean really hot. If you aren’t staying hydrated throughout the day, there’s a good chance you’ll end up feeling sluggish and unmotivated to get things done. If you don’t believe me, you’ll learn pretty quick that you need to have a bottle of water with you at all times in this desert land.

4. Get some vitamin D


After a day in the sun, you always seem to feel a little happier, a little more refreshed, and a little less stressed. Even if you’re stuck in the library all day, take the time to go outside for an hour to soak in some of that glorious vitamin D. After all, being stuck inside in a place like Australia is pretty much a crime.

5. Load up on healthy foods


If you’re going to fill your body with junk food, you are going to feel like junk and perform like junk in your everyday life. I know it’s tough to eat 100 percent healthily as a busy student, but do the best you possibly can in order to keep your body happy. There’s also most likely a local market in your area where you can get fresh fruits and veggies every week. Find out what ‘brain foods’ you should eat for a top academic performance here.

6. Call your loved ones back home


Homesickness can be extremely hard and can definitely add to the university stress you can feel while you settle in. A quick call to a family member or friend back home does wonders, as they know you the absolute best and know exactly what to say to make you feel better. There’s something about feeling familiarity while in a foreign place that just puts you at peace again.

7. Create a social circle


University stress is a lot more manageable when you have people in the same boat as you. Having a social circle while you’re away from all your friends back home can make all the difference.  Whether you join a club on campus, hang with the people in your dorm, or get a part time job and make some work friends, having others to depend on is very important whilst managing university stress. Get more tips on making friends while studying abroad here.

8. Try meditation


A few minutes of meditation every day can make the world of difference on your stress. Whether it’s in the morning, between studying, or before you go to sleep, taking some time to ground yourself and breathe is an amazing way to manage stress or anxiety. You could attend a local yoga class, use a meditation app on your phone, or simply take a second to breathe.

9. Plan a trip


There is no better motivation in life than when you know you have a trip waiting on the other side of your assignment. Planning a weekend getaway with friends or simply a Sunday activity can motivate you to stay productive throughout the week and stay on top of your schedule (to assure it doesn’t interact with your fun).

10. Look into your university’s resources


When you’re starting university, you can definitely feel unsure on where to start. Luckily, all Australian universities provide international student support services, with orientation programs which include information sessions, guided campus tours, and social activities. And if you’re really struggling, most institutions offer experienced counselors. Visiting a guidance counselor at university can give you the opportunity to talk to someone who can guide you through this new chapter, tell you more about the university’s resources, and simply be someone who is there to listen.

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This article was originally published in March 2019 . It was last updated in January 2020

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