Top 10 Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia 2020

Top 10 Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia 2020

Chloe Lane

Updated January 16, 2020 Updated January 16

Released today, the QS EECA University Rankings 2020 feature 354 of the top universities in the emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA) region.

The EECA rankings are based on 10 indicators: academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, papers per faculty, international research network, web impact, staff with a PhD, citations per paper, international faculty and international students. You can find out more about the methodology here.

Read on as we count down this year’s top 10.

QS EECA University Rankings 2020: Top 10





Lomonosov Moscow State University



Saint-Petersburg State University



Novosibirsk State University



University of Tartu



Charles University

Czech Republic


Jagiellonian University



University of Warsaw



Tomsk State University



Czech Technical University in Prague

Czech Republic


Masaryk University

Czech Republic

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10. Masaryk University

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Location: Czech Republic

Starting off our countdown we have Masaryk University, in Brno. The second largest university in the Czech Republic, Masaryk University rises one place this year and makes its way into the top 10; in 10th place in the EECC ranking and 551-560th in the QS World University Rankings® 2020.

Masaryk University earns a perfect score in the web impact indicator – which reflects the level of an institution’s presence online, demonstrating its dedication to engaging internationally.

9. Czech Technical University in Prague

Location: Czech Republic

Located in the stunning historical city of Prague, Czech Technical University (CNU) remains in ninth place in the EECA ranking. CNU ranks in joint 498th place in the world rankings and earns its top scores in the papers per faculty and employer reputation indicators – an insight into the university’s top reputation amongst both employers and other academic institutions.

The university also scores well in the web impact indicator, in seventh place, showing it has a strong online presence. Founded in 1701, the university has several courses available in English and Russian.

8. Tomsk State University

Location: Russia

In eighth place we have Tomsk State University (TSU), in joint 268th place in the world rankings and new to the top ten this year (rising five places in the EECA rankings). TSU is the largest classical university in the Asian part of Russia, and an acknowledged center of science, education and innovation.

TSU scores particularly well in the faculty/student ratio and international students’ indicators, where it ranks fifth and eighth respectively, reflecting the university’s strong international outlook. There are around 2,000 international students studying in TSU.

7. University of Warsaw

Location: Poland

Dropping one place this year is the University of Warsaw in seventh place. The largest university in Poland, with around 48,500 students, it places joint 349th in the 2020 world university rankings. The university earns a perfect score in the web impact indicator, as well as a near perfect score for the international research network, academic reputation and employer reputation indicators, ranking ninth, third and seventh respectively.

The university also offers a broad range of courses, in 37 languages – as well as having 26 programs available in English.

6. Jagiellonian University

Location: Poland

One of Poland’s best institutions for higher education, Jagiellonian University, ranks sixth in the EECA rankings, rising one place this year and narrowly missing out on the top five.

Established in 1364 as the University of Kraków, Jagiellonian University is one of the oldest universities in the world.

The university earns its best scores for international research network (12th) and its academic reputation (achieving an impressive second place). Courses are offered in a variety of different languages, and the university collaborates with academic institutions all around the world, attracting many international students.

5. Charles University

Location: Czech Republic

Dropping two places this year, Charles University places fifth in the EECA rankings and joint 291st in the world. Despite this fall, the university remains the highest ranked university in the Czech Republic.

Charles University is the oldest university in Central Europe, as well as the largest institution in the Czech Republic, with over 49,000 students (with 7,000 of these being international).

It is unsurprising then that Charles University earns a near-perfect score in the international students indicator, ranking eighth.

4. University of Tartu

Location: Estonia

Up one place this year is the University of Tartu, stealing fourth place in the EECA rankings and coming in at 301st in the world rankings. The University of Tartu is the oldest, largest and highest placing university in Estonia – having been founded in 1632 by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden.

Although the official language of the university is Estonian, 23 courses are taught in English (although these are mainly at master’s level).

The university has a strong international outlook; attracting international students from over 88 countries. Consequently, it gains its highest rank in the international research network indicator, placing seventh.

3. Novosibirsk State University

Location: Russia

Moving into the top three now we have Novosibirsk State University in third, placing 231st in the world rankings this year (the second highest-ranked university in Russia).

Known for its strong reputation, particularly in the sciences, the university places seventh in the academic reputation indicator. The university offers 17 English taught programs available for international students, as well as 28 research internship opportunities.

2. Saint Petersburg State University

Location: Russia

Up two places this year to rank second in the EECA Rankings is Saint Petersburg State University (SPbSU). The university was founded in 1724 by Peter the Great and is the oldest university in Russia.

SPbSU is famous for producing several notable alumni. Including the current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin as well as several Nobel Prize winners. SPbSU also collaborates with 230 higher education institutions, giving it excellent international connections around the world.

1. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Location: Russia

As well as topping the EECA Rankings, Lomonosov Moscow State University achieves first place for three indicators: academic reputation, employer reputation and web.

The university was founded in 1755 and counts 13 Nobel Prize winners among its alumni, along with many other successful mathematicians, writers, politicians and physicists.

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