10 of the Funniest Things Overheard at Cambridge

10 of the Funniest Things Overheard at Cambridge

Sabrina Collier

Updated January 27, 2022 Updated January 27

Have you ever wondered what student life at the University of Cambridge is like? On the Facebook page Overheard in Cambridge, students have been sharing the funny or frankly weird things they’ve heard (or sometimes overseen) at Cambridge. Here’s a selection of the funniest things overheard by some of the cleverest students in the world.

1. Apparently Cambridge students are pretty well-to-do…

Cambridge overheard 1

2. This Cambridge student finds memes particularly meaningful

Cambridge overheard 2

3. Coursework? Dissertation? This overheard Cambridge student isn’t going to sacrifice their social life…

Cambridge overheard 3

4. Others aren’t coping quite so well with this busy exam period…

Cambridge overheard 4

5. Strangely enough, this study tactic didn’t work

Cambridge overheard 5

6. Cambridge students find puzzled tourists quite amusing...

Cambridge overheard 6

*Spoons = Wetherspoons, a chain of pubs in the UK.

7. Technology can only go so far for some international Cambridge students…

Cambridge overheard 7

8. The overheard student must be really enjoying their dissertation

Cambridge overheard 8

9. When a software program is ruining your relationship…

Cambridge overheard 9

10. And finally, this Cambridge student certainly doesn’t have confidence issues


Cambridge overheard 10

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This article was originally published in May 2017 . It was last updated in January 2020

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