What I learned from my Master's in Management degree

What I learned from my Master's in Management degree

By H. Young

Updated April 14, 2023 Updated April 14

We spoke to INSEAD alumni Harry Siatounis to learn more about his experience of the Master's in Management programme and how INSEAD has supported Harry in his career journey so far.

We spoke to INSEAD alumni Harry Siatounis to learn more about his experience of the Master's in Management programme and how INSEAD has supported Harry in his career journey so far.

What factors did you consider when choosing a university?

It was chiefly the international aspect of the programme. Although I had the chance to join more established ones, INSEAD stood out for the practical courses at the end of each period. To add to that, the INSEAD Master's in Management (MiM) programme is held in INSEAD campuses across the globe — travelling to the Middle East, Asia and the US had a value proposition that was second to none in my eyes.

Apart from the international aspect, it was also the brand name. INSEAD is a top business school, and the professors are leaders in their respective fields of research. The alumni also form a close-knit community after graduating.

I believe that the INSEAD MiM programme is a very rewarding experience and one which I will cherish for the rest of my life.

What were the academic highlights of your degree programme?

My most memorable class has been Process and Operations Management, where I learnt and applied complex frameworks on how to tackle modern business problems that companies face in their supply chains. I learned about bottlenecks in production and common strategies that companies use.

The case studies written by the INSEAD faculty were up-to-date, so it felt like solving cases in real-time. I was surprised by how the frameworks we were taught can impact a business’ success.

Can you give any examples of how your university assisted in your personal development?

I’m genuinely astonished by the culture at INSEAD with professors and their relationships with students. For instance, our first day in Singapore, a professor in our strategy class asked a classmate and me to give him feedback on our INSEAD MiM experience. He was truly interested in hearing our stories.

I could never imagine such an open discussion and it’s something that renders the INSEAD experience unique for me. The lecturers are always available to help me out with doubts or adjust my approach to focus on the objective. This kind of culture really enables me to pursue my interests with the support of a world-class faculty.

How did your university prepare you for your current career?

My goals were to perform research in financial evaluation and to better understand how companies work through the eyes of an investor. I have gained additional skills in financial modelling and expanded my toolset in the various methods. I have also become more confident on making assumptions in my models based on empirical data or market reports.

During our practicals, we have presented a strategic product repositioning the beverages industry, a leading French player, and built a financial model on valuing Tesla. We also were introduced to how to conduct business in the context of the Middle East and build our startup business model. After the Blue Ocean Strategy practical, I couldn’t wait to apply it in the real world!

What continued support has your university provided in your career since you graduated?

I used all the tips gathered from INSEAD's network and the career fairs and I can consult with my career coach at any time on my career journey. INSEAD is for life!

The Career Development Centre is actively engaged with the alumni community. By inviting them to share insights about their industries and advice on career paths, through videos or on-campus activities, you get to have unique opportunities to broaden your horizons. Career treks, study trips and the I-Link platform also matched us with alumni.

An employer engagement specialist was also available for individual sessions to discuss the specifics of my career goals (sector, geographical location).

Can you give us a brief overview of your career path since you graduated?

After INSEAD I moved to Dubai to work in strategy and finance for a fintech startup, focusing on market expansion strategy, financial planning and operations and investor relations.

I found this job through CareerGlobe, a platform run by INSEAD’s Career Development Centre (CDC). I was actually not targeting startups or VC funds, however the team and the discussions I had during my interviews convinced me to join this promising company.

The MiM definitely helped me by equipping me with the right knowledge both for the interviews and on-the-job tasks. Also, the school’s reputation is fundamental in my career’s success as it serves as a checkpoint with many investors.

This article was originally published in April 2023 .

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