Achieve Your Management Career Ambitions with a Master of Science Degree

Achieve Your Management Career Ambitions with a Master of Science Degree

Stephanie Lukins

Updated February 21, 2023 Updated February 21

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It’s no secret that management careers are some of the most popular in the world, with businesses and companies seeking talented candidates to work across all industries, from international banking to supply chain and everything in between.

While breaking into these areas may seem daunting to begin with, there’s no reason why you can’t if you’ve got the right qualification, specialized skills and knowledgeable expertise. 

The importance of possessing good management abilities

Hands up if you’re bored of hearing the words ‘transferable skills’ all the time? Thought so. However, there’s a reason you hear about them all the time, as they’re incredibly useful.

Leadership, problem-solving, and the ability to communicate are just some of the transferable skills which you’d do well to have as part of your prized skillset, especially if you hope to one day lead a team of your own or manage large projects. 

French business schools boast some of the best vocational degrees

Toulouse Business School offers students the chance to specialize in various fields, from big data, marketing and management, to supply chain and lead management, as well as international banking and finance.

In recent years, French business schools have been rocketing up the rankings as they offer 21st century degree programs, professional certificates and world-class lecturers to students who are keen to develop their specialized management acumen.

“The teachers are professionals in their respective fields, providing practical examples from the situations they have faced,” said Diana Piñon, an MSc in Supply Chain and Lean Management graduate from Toulouse Business School.

Kevin Haofeng Lu who studied the MSc in Banking and International Finance, said: “The program combines theoretical and practical aspects in its curriculum, meaning I was able to strengthen both my technical understandings and professional practices simultaneously.”

In addition, while considering the potential to work for a global company, students at Toulouse Business School have the chance to network with prominent industry contacts such as IBM, Data & Data as well as Pwc.

Career opportunities across big data, supply chain, international banking and more…

With a prestigious degree in hand, there’s the promising aspect of landing a top job after you graduate. However, it’s also important to recognize exactly what it is that employers look for in prospective graduates who are fresh out of university.

The demand for those with management skills and expertise has increased dramatically over the last few years – most notably in the business, marketing and project management sectors. Logistics managers, financial auditors, marketing strategist and data planners – to name but a few – are just some of the exciting job doors that graduates are desperate to open.

Kevin now works in Luxembourg as a senior advisor in the strategy and corporate development department at the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL).

“The MSc in Business and International Finance helped me construct a solid theoretical understanding of corporate finance and helped kick-start my career through its vast alumni network,” he said.

Whilst Diana, who is now a management consultant at CGN Global in Peoria, Illinois in the US where she specializes in supply chain and operations, told us: “The master’s helped me specialize in supply chain concepts and gain a deeper knowledge base to be able to develop and grow my career in the area. It also gave me the opportunity to know different cultures and ways of work.”

This article was originally published in March 2019 . It was last updated in January 2020

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