10 Must Have Items to Pack for Your Trip to Australia

10 Must Have Items to Pack for Your Trip to Australia

Carly Williams

Updated January 16, 2020 Updated January 16

You’ve booked your flights, sorted out your visa and planned your trip to Australia, and now comes the hard part… what to pack?! Packing for any trip can be hard to navigate, but especially one known for amazing beaches, lush rainforests, and bustling cities (aka so many different outfit options).

The Aussie way of life is a pretty simple one and you would be surprised how little you really need to pack, but there are definitely some essentials that you shouldn’t get on your flight without. You can find a general list of things to pack to study abroad here, but read on to find out what things you won’t want to forget for your trip to Australia.

1. Sunscreen (and probably aloe vera too)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Australia has an extremely hot climate and a plentiful amount of sunny days. However, what you may not know is that Australia’s ozone layer (the layer between the earth and the sun that protects us from dangerous UV rays) is thinned, which basically means the sun is large and in charge. It won’t take long for your skin to burn to a crisp if you aren’t wearing at least SPF 30 (although you should probably opt for 60). It wouldn’t hurt to pack some aloe vera for that first inevitable burn upon arrival as well.

2. Your favorite bathing suit


If you’re traveling in the summer months, you’ll probably spend the vast majority of your time in a bathing suit. Your favorite suit and a simple white tee pullover will pretty much become your staple outfit for the majority of the trip, so there’s no need to overpack with a thousand different wardrobe options.

3. A pair of thongs


Wait, what? Alhough this phrase may be misleading, I definitely don’t recommend you walk around in your underwear whilst abroad. ‘Thongs’ are actually another word for flip flops in the Aussie English vocabulary, which will pretty much become your best friend in terms of footwear. You’ll probably end up barefoot a majority of the time regardless, even in places like the grocery store!

4. A sunhat or baseball cap


Remember all those times where your mother told you to wear a hat and you shrugged it off and ignored her? Well, this time you should listen—I wasn’t kidding about all that ozone layer business. You haven’t had bad sunburn until you’ve burnt the top of your scalp and it flakes out for the rest of the trip (hello dandruff).

5. A pair of sunnies


‘Sunnies’ aka sunglasses are another staple to protect you from, you guessed it, the sun. If you’re still not convinced on all this sun protection talk, it’ll only take a day in Australia for you to head to the shop to buy every single one of these items.

6. Jet lag remedy


Depending on where you’re flying from, the flight to and from Australia can take over 20 hours if you’re coming from places like North America or the UK. So, it’s definitely in your best interest to grab some melatonin or motion sickness medicine to make the transition smoother. Talk to your doctor about the best options for you to ensure you have an enjoyable travel experience.

7. A universal adaptor for your electronics


Visiting a new country brings different power outlets that you have to account for. You can grab an international adaptor at pretty much any electronic store, or at the airport if you happen to forget (although they’re a lot pricier there). It’s also a good idea to get one with a few different USB plugs so you can charge multiple devices at once.

8. Packing cubes


These will seriously change your life—I don’t know how I ever traveled without them before. Packing cubes allow you to separate different items into individual bags so that you aren’t searching through your suitcase trying to find a single item. They also prevent you from making a massive mess in your room when you have to pull everything out of your suitcase.

9. Season-appropriate clothing


The clothing you’ll need will depend on the season you’re visiting Australia in and which area you’re visiting. In the summer and early spring, generally speaking you will not need to pack more than a sweater or two for night time. However, if you’re visiting in winter or autumn, temperatures can drop quite low and you will need to pack more warm clothing. Also, the more southern areas such as the city of Melbourne can bring rainy and cold weather in certain times of the year.

10. A portable charger for emergencies


If you’re an avid traveler, you’ll know that sometimes it’s a struggle to find a spare plug to charge your electronics. Your trip may consist of long bus rides and flights that don’t necessarily have outlets. Airport plugs are also scarce and sometimes a pain to find. Carrying a portable charger will save your life in a lot of different scenarios.

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This article was originally published in May 2019 . It was last updated in January 2020

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