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The online MBA programme at Amity Directorate of Distance & Online Education (EDDOE), Amity University offers once again the cheapest tuition in the QS Online MBA Rankings 2021.

Released today, the QS Online MBA Rankings 2021 assess the online MBA offerings of 57 business schools worldwide, demonstrating just how easy it is to earn your MBA from the comfort of your home.

You can find out more about the methodology used to produce the rankings here.





Tuition fees (US$)


Amity Directorate of Distance & Online Education (EDDOE), Amity University



West Texas A&M University



EU Business School



OBS Business School



GBSB Global Business School



Pacifico Business School



SBS Swiss Business School



Nottingham Business School - Nottingham Trent University



Kennesaw State University – Michael J. Coles College of Business



University of Memphis – Fogelman College



10) University of Memphis – Fogelman College of Business & Economics

Tuition: US$24,552

Kicking off the top 10 for cheapest tuition is the University of Memphis, whose 36 credit-hour online MBA offers students the opportunity to choose between synchronous and asynchronous learning. The programme is characterised by small cohorts with high percentages of female and international students.

9) Kennesaw State University – Michael J. Coles College of Business

Tuition: US$24,470

Next is the online MBA from Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. The class profile is made up of 38 percent women and four percent international students, with 11 years’ average work experience. The programme takes on average 20 months to complete.

8) Nottingham Business School - Nottingham Trent University

Tuition: US$21,740

In eighth place is Nottingham Business School, whose online MBA programme boasts one of the most diverse cohorts on the list with 64 percent international students and 37 percent women.

The course takes around 30 months to complete and includes a consulting project, electives, and specialisations for candidates to choose from and international experiences.

7) SBS Swiss Business School

Tuition: US$19,382

Next is Switzerland’s SBS Swiss Business School, which once again scored high for class experience. This year’s cohort of 192 students boasts 55 percent international students and 43 percent female students, all of whom have an average of 10 years’ worth of work experience.

There are 15 modules on the 24-month SBS online MBA, each taking eight weeks to complete. Aside from traditional e-teaching, students can participate in a wide range of webinar sessions and online forums.

6) Pacifico Business School

Tuition: US$18,000

In sixth place is the only Latin American business school on the list: the Peruvian Pacifico Business School. The Pacifico online MBA programme received high scores for class experience and faculty and teaching.

This year’s cohort is the smallest of the top 10 with only 60 students enrolled. Only two percent are international, while 34 percent are women.

5) GBSB Global Business School

Tuition: US$17,919

Halfway through the list is the shortest online MBA programme in the world, the 10-month online MBA from GBSB Global Business School.

The course has three annual intakes in September, January and April, and a flexible approach to learning, with classes pre-recorded and available to students at all times.

Alongside IE Business School, GBSB has a fully international cohort with 27 nationalities represented. Women make up 45 percent of this year’s class, with nine years’ average work experience.

4) OBS Business School

Tuition: US$16,550

In fourth place for cheapest tuition is OBS Business School, whose online Global MBA has a standard duration of 12 months. OBS was founded in 2006 as the first 100 percent online business school in Spanish.

The programme has a highly diverse class profile, with 40 percent female students, 96 percent international students and 14 years’ average work experience.

3) EU Business School

Tuition: US$16,416

In the bronze medal position this year is EU Business School, which received one of the highest scores for the class experience indicator. The EU online MBA programme takes 15 months to complete.

This year’s cohort of 130 students is one of the most diverse on the list – and in the global ranking – with 100 percent international students, 43 percent female students and 61 nationalities represented.

Teaching is delivered through live, interactive webinars, group projects and business simulations. Participants can choose to major in one of eight topics including International Business, Communication & PR, and International Marketing.

2) West Texas A&M University

Tuition: US$9,900

Just missing out on the top spot with the second-cheapest online MBA programme in the world is the online MBA from West Texas A&M University. The programme usually takes 24 months to complete, combining electives, specialisations, and remote group activities.

This year’s cohort is made up of 49 percent female students, seven percent of students are international, and participants have an average of seven years’ work experience.

1) Amity Directorate of Distance & Online Education (EDDOE), Amity University

Tuition: US$3,300

If you’re looking for an online MBA that won’t cost you a fortune, Amity University’s might be the perfect one for you. The cheapest online programme in the world boasts high scores for class experience and class profile.

This year’s cohort is the largest of all the online MBA programmes available in our global ranking with 28,110 students. It includes 61 nationalities – accounting for 31 percent international students – and 41 percent women.

Amity’s online MBA offers systematic and structured PCP (personal contact point), live interactive lectures, virtual recorded sessions, books, and study material received via courier. The average length is 24 months.

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