6 Reasons Why France Should Be On Your Study Abroad List

6 Reasons Why France Should Be On Your Study Abroad List

Stephanie Lukins

Updated June 8, 2020 Updated June 08

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With a reputation for high-quality academia and a world-famous arts and culture scene, it’s no wonder in 2017 almost 344,000 students from around the world decided to move to France to study and experience all the country has to offer. 

Read on to discover six reasons why you should study abroad in France.

France is home to some of the best business schools

The quality of higher education in France is second to none, with many of its business schools occupying the top spots in global university rankings.

EDHEC Business School is one such institution where its Master in Management and MSc in Finance programs both place in the global top 30 according to the QS World University Business Masters Rankings 2021. Specializing in business, entrepreneurship, management and innovation, three of its five campuses are located in Paris, Nice and Lille, meaning links to professional opportunities, networking contacts and a global community are right on your doorstep.

So much so that the school’s corporate sponsors are some of the world’s leading global firms – such as PwC, Bloomberg, Unilever and Société Générale – which means students are given exceptional insights and analysis to help them progress in the professional world of business, management, and finance.

France is a world leader in business and finance

With Nice being the economic hub in southern France, Lille home to aspiring entrepreneurs, and Paris leading the way in international business and markets, every EDHEC campus has something to offer.

For those hoping to get a foot in the door of the business and finance world, France is the ideal destination where you can do just that.

It has thriving graduate job prospects

For those who aren’t ready to say au revoir to their French endeavors after graduating, career prospects in the country are promising, especially in the capital. As a prosperous international hub where you’re guaranteed to meet a global network of contacts, Paris is joint seventh in the QS Best Student Cities 2018 when it comes to employer activity.

In addition, a recent study has found Europe is one of the better places in the world for equal opportunities for women when it comes to studying, living and working, with France taking the third spot.

France is located in the heart of western Europe

When it comes to France, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Gourmet food and wine? Its grandeur and rich cultural traditions? How about the lavish yet sophisticated lifestyle?

Whatever you think of, it’s safe to say France is the most visited country in the world for a reason! It’s the traveler’s dream – from its picture-perfect landscapes and majestic city skylines, to its buttery croissants and sparkling champagne, France is full of delights. Studying here means you’ll have endless opportunities to explore everything France has to offer, immerse yourself in the culture and satisfy your wanderlust.

A little insight for all the art lovers out there, entry to museums is either free or very heavily discounted for students. And for those with itchy feet, the EU rail system is an excellent and easy way to get off the beaten track in France (and venture in and around mainland Europe too).

You’ll stand out to prospective employers

Of course, this can be said for any country you study abroad in – your sheer enthusiasm and commitment to move to a new country to study is admirable to say the least. However, it’s also about how the experience shapes you and how your ability to think globally will help you shine when it comes to applying to jobs in the future.

When it comes to studying, living and working here, it’s worth remembering French is the second-most widely spoken language in the European Union, as well as one of the most spoken languages in the world of business. So, you’d do well to get to grips with it and have something else impressive to add to your CV.

Visas and healthcare are relatively easier to organize than in other countries

Moving to a new city, let alone a new country can be quite stressful at times. Fortunately, when it comes to organizing the necessary paperwork, sorting out a visa is probably one of the easier things to do as France’s visa system for EU and EEA students is extremely straightforward.

When it comes to healthcare, or ‘sécurité sociale’, the French healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world and it became free of charge in September 2018, covering up to 70 percent of medical expenses. Non-EU students who plan on studying in France must enroll in the French healthcare system, while EU and EEA students should make sure they have their own EHIC card.

This article was originally published in May 2019 . It was last updated in January 2021

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