QS China Summit 2024: Shaping the future of education

QS China Summit 2024: Shaping the future of education

By H. Young

Updated April 17, 2024 Updated April 17

The highly anticipated QS China Summit 2024 is set to take place on April 17th and 18th, bringing together leading players in the education sector to discuss the future of higher education in China. With this year’s theme, “Remaining Distinct in Global Higher Ed: China’s Place in the New World of  Education” the event promises to host insightful discussions, thought-provoking panels, and exciting networking opportunities.

What can attendees expect from the QS China Summit 2024?

Day one: Charting the course for distinction

The summit kicks off with an opening ceremony, followed by an opening keynote address by Meng Liu, Head of the Liaison Office in China for the United Nations Global Compact. This sets the stage for the opening panel titled "China's Higher Education: A Report Card," featuring esteemed professionals who will provide valuable insights into the current state and future trajectory of Chinese education.

The day progresses with a series of compelling sessions:

  • Points of difference (global engagement): This session explores China's unique position as an international student destination and hub for innovation. Discover the opportunities and challenges associated with global engagement.
  • Fireside chat - Cultivating inclusivity in education and advancing global gender leadership: This discussion focuses on fostering inclusivity within the educational landscape and promoting gender leadership, addressing a crucial aspect of educational equity.
  • Fostering distinction in Chinese higher education through digital innovation: This session delves into how Chinese universities can leverage digital advancements like AI and Big Data to enhance their offerings and stand out in the global landscape.

Day two: Building a future-ready educational ecosystem

Day two commences with a thought-provoking fireside chat titled "Navigating the future: corporate sustainability and graduates' hiring criteria in today's workforce." This discussion explores the growing importance of sustainability in corporate strategies and its impact on graduate recruitment.

The day unfolds with a series of enriching panel discussions:

  • From lab to life (research and innovation): This session highlights the crucial role of universities in research and innovation, showcasing how they generate knowledge and drive groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Tech talk: navigating the future of technology (innovation & knowledge transfer): This session tackles the ever-evolving technological landscape, examining how educators can navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by advancements like generative AI.
  • On the move: why student mobility matters (student mobility): This session underlines the significance of student mobility in fostering global understanding, cultural exchange, and innovation, exploring how China can further participate in this crucial aspect of education.

The summit culminates with a closing keynote address by George Loh, Associate Vice President (Strategic Partnership) at the National University of Singapore, followed by the closing ceremony.

Beyond the sessions: A platform for connection

The QS China Summit 2024 offers more than just informative sessions. It provides a valuable platform for networking with peers, industry experts, and thought leaders from the education sector. Attendees can establish connections, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations, fostering a dynamic environment conducive to shaping the future of education in China.

Join the conversation, shape the future

The QS China Summit 2024 presents a unique opportunity for anyone invested in the future of Chinese higher education. Register now and be part of this pivotal event that promises to spark insightful discussions, ignite innovation, and pave the way for a brighter future in education.

This article was originally published in March 2024 . It was last updated in April 2024

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