What to Expect When Studying in London

What to Expect When Studying in London

Chelsea Davies

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London has been ranked as the best student city in the world in the QS Best Student Cities 2018, making it a fantastic place to study. 17 universities from London are included in the QS World University Rankings, two of which are in the global top 10. The city’s academic prowess, world-leading resources and incredible job opportunities make it an excellent place to launch your education and career.

If you're planning to study here, among the city's iconic landmarks, world-famous attractions and innovative art and cultural scene, here's what you can expect when living in London.

World-class universities

London is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, with Imperial and UCL currently leading the way, ranking eighth and 10th respectively in the QS World University Rankings 2019. Whether you're looking to study medicine, humanities or specialise in the arts, London has an abundance of world-renowned options for you to choose from.

It's worth researching which university performs best within your chosen field, as institutions specialise in different areas. Learning from experts at the forefront of your field will provide invaluable insights and set you apart academically and professionally.

Access to the best resources in the world

As you progress through university, access to resources and research beyond your university library becomes ever more important. When it comes to accessing the best libraries, museums and research collections the world has to offer, London delivers.

Happily, the majority of them are free to use, so it couldn’t be easier to take full advantage of the incredible resources on your doorstep. Excellent places to start are the British Library and Senate House, as both also provide pretty impressive study spaces.

Expensive accommodation

Unfortunately, all the benefits of living in London do come at a price. Real estate is at a premium in the nation’s capital and this is reflected in hefty rent prices which out-do every other UK city. While this is, to some extent, unavoidable, it should by no means deter you from studying in London as there are tips and tricks to ensure you bag yourself a bargain apartment.

London’s rental market is very competitive and moves at lightning speed, so signing up to a rental website and keeping up-to-date with new listings is a must. Thanks to excellent transport links across the city, you don't have to limit your search to the places nearest university. Look south and east to get the most for your money.

With a little organisation, determination and quick thinking, you will find a place in no time.

Amazing professional opportunities

A world-leading center of finance and commerce, London is an excellent place to secure an internship or work experience opportunity that will help to set you apart from your fellow students when it's time to apply for jobs. Internships and part-time roles that are often only available in the capital can lead to further opportunities and offer a launch pad for your career.

There is also an abundance of part-time jobs available in London, which is perfect for students. London wages are typically higher than elsewhere in the UK, which will hopefully give you some extra cash to splurge on the city’s excellent cuisine and nightlife.

London’s sheer size

The third largest city in Europe and home to almost 9 million people, London is definitely a big, bustling place. Despite its size, it is a surprisingly easy city to navigate thanks to the excellent transport network and the help of apps such as Google Maps and Citymapper.

Get yourself an Oyster card - students can save 30 percent on Travelcards and passes - or simply use your contactless card to hop on a tube, train or bus and travel around the city in no time.

There are many distinct areas of London. Hipsters flock to trendy areas in the east, while high-class, posh London can be found to the west. Wherever you travel to, you're likely to find an amazing shop, cafe or restaurant so head out, explore the city and find your favourite spot.

A buzzing social life

Unlike many universities in the UK, several London universities do not provide all their first-year accommodation around a central campus, instead, halls will be spread out across the city.

The good news is that this provides countless opportunities to socialise with other students through societies and events. Definitely make the most of the free events and mixers in your first few weeks.

While you'll hear this advice countless times, it really is beneficial to join a society at a non-campus university, as it will bring you into contact with students you may otherwise never have met. Even outside of university, there are so many clubs and groups in London and unique opportunities to meet like-minded individuals.

Iconic attractions on your doorstep

Studying in London means you'll find yourself surrounded by world-famous sights every day. London is home to historical landmarks, unique architecture and incredible shows that you simply cannot see anywhere else in the world.

Make the most of your time in the capital by heading out on some sight-seeing adventures. The best part is that a stroll around the biggest attractions can be absolutely free.

Cycle around Westminster to see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben or head to Buckingham Palace and wander around Hyde Park. Wrap up your day by catching a show in the West End or at one of the city's other world-renowned theatres such as Shakespeare’s Globe or The Old Vic.

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