Achieve Your Ambitions with an International Masters in Entrepreneurship

Achieve Your Ambitions with an International Masters in Entrepreneurship

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Updated June 24, 2023 Updated June 24

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Designed to help you gain the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge necessary to build your own start-up, start working in business development units within existing companies, or expand your family’s business to new horizons, the Global Entrepreneurship Program is the perfect stepping-stone to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Combining theory and practice, this master’s in entrepreneurship provides students with an innovative and international learning environment.

Taking place on three continents (EMLYON Business School in Europe, Zhejiang University’s School of Management in Asia, and Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management in North America) in a 12-month span, this double degree from EMLYON Business School and Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management allows students to explore four areas of interest: Entrepreneurial Management, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Family Business and Social Entrepreneurship.

Success stories from the Global Entrepreneurship Program

Watch these three success stories and see for yourself how you can reach your career objectives with this international master’s in entrepreneurship.

Sylvain Brochard, Class of 2009-2010, Managing Director EMEA, Human Care Systems, London, UK



After graduating from the Global Entrepreneurship Program, Sylvain moved to London, where he started working for Alcimed as Business Development Manager in charge of the expansion of the company in the UK. In January 2014, he was asked by the company to move to Singapore in order to develop the Asia Pacific operations of Alcimed. “Then again I started from scratch, built a new team, found new clients,” Sylvain recalls. This graduate has now taken on a new set of entrepreneurial ventures, as he is the Managing Director EMEA for Human Care Systems in London.

Business development is one of the core study areas of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, and Sylvain Brochard is the perfect illustration of how graduates of this international master’s in entrepreneurship apply the tools and skills learned in class, and develop their own entrepreneurial mindset. As he highlights, “Being an entrepreneur is not just about creating new companies. It also means creating new ventures inside established companies.”

Morgane Hillen & Tifenn Acher, Class of 2012-2013, Founders of start-up company Achhill’s Gluten Free, Clermont-Ferrand, France



Upon completing the Global Entrepreneurship Program in 2013, Morgane and Tifenn became partners and built Achhill’s Gluten Free, a wholesale company specializing in gluten- and lactose-free products. Having recently won the Pionnière award during the StartUp Weekend in Lyon in April, Achhill’s Gluten Free is now part of the Incubator Pionnière, an entrepreneurship incubator focused on supporting female entrepreneurs.

New venture creation is at the heart of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, and thanks to the different business projects they worked on in France, Asia and North America, Tifenn and Morgane gained first-hand experience and learned how to turn their ideas into tangible value. “During the year, our fear of setting up a business became smaller and smaller and at some point, it disappeared. This is something we owe to the program,” both graduates state.

Abhinandan De, Class of 2012-2013, Working on the expansion of his family’s business, Kolkata, India



Once he graduated from the Global Entrepreneurship Program, Abhinandan brought back the know-how he had gained to India, in order to help his family expand their business, specialized in the development of educational institutions. “This program helped me learn about what goes on in a business and how to grow a business. If you want to be an entrepreneur, this is an amazing program for you,” he says.

With a special focus on how to manage and grow a family business during your semester at Zhejiang University’s School of Management in China, the Global Entrepreneurship Program enables you to learn about the cultural norms and business codes you need to take into account when working in a family business.

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This article was originally published in October 2014 . It was last updated in January 2020