What to Consider When Searching for the Perfect MBA for You

What to Consider When Searching for the Perfect MBA for You

Stephanie Lukins

Updated February 14, 2020 Updated February 14

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It can be a real challenge trying to find an MBA that aligns with your career goals, matches your personal interests and inspires you to commit to studying for at least one year.

Fortunately, the MBA has evolved over the years to adapt to the changing business landscape, as well as to meet the demand of employers seeking talented business professionals who have what is needed to work in increasingly competitive sectors.

Going beyond considering the cost, program type and duration of an MBA, it’s the MBA curriculum you should pay the closest attention to – especially when it comes to future career prospects in the digital industry.

Experential learning experiences

Whether it’s through an internship, placement or project-based learning, work experience is an essential part of the MBA. Without it, the knowledge gained during your studies is almost redundant if you don’t put theory into practice. 

Last year, Master in Internet Business (MIB) students at ISDI took part in the MIB Challenge which offered students the opportunity to put their business knowledge and skills into real life practice.

ISDI believe that a practical methodology is the ideal solution for aspiring business professionals who want to be ahead of the game in digital business.

Students were given real money to create and operate their own e-commerce businesses using the drop shipping method; that is they sold products of their choice, ran advertising and social media campaigns and utilized tools and technology such as Shopify, Hubspot and Google Ads. Any profits made were then donated to a non-governmental organization of their choice.

After the success of the MIB Challenge, students in this year’s Digital MBA (DMBA) program also have the opportunity to take part in this type of challenge so they too can gain a genuine understanding of how a business is operated and managed. 

Industry visits with digital leaders

Theoretical knowledge can only go so far. Experiential learning experiences give clarity and help students understand how business and management concepts are put into action, and industry visits definitely accomplish this.

DMBA students at ISDI have the unique opportunity to gain genuine insights into how the industry works from digital experts at global companies, such as Google, LinkedIn and Amazon.

As you become more aware of the industry’s regulations and practices through these types of visits, the more prepared you will be to enter the job market after graduating.

Professional networking opportunities

You generally don’t need to get more than a paragraph into an article about an MBA before finding the words “network” or “networking” – and it’s all for a very good reason.

Your MBA experience goes beyond the one to two years of coursework. An MBA is where you’ll join a worldwide network of industry professionals and professors. All professors at ISDI are digital experts who currently work at companies such as Amazon, Google and Salesforce, demonstrating the DMBA’s potential as a powerful job search tool which can help you keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. 

The DMBA at ISDI has a successful employment rate of over 90 percent, evidence that a high demand for digital professionals exists.

This article was originally published in December 2019 . It was last updated in February 2020

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