International Graduate Scholarships for Canadian Students

Laura Tucker

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Are you a Canadian in need of study abroad funding for your graduate studies? Look no further. Here we have a list of current graduate scholarships for Canadian students, including government scholarships, commonwealth scholarships, fellowships, bilateral partnerships and other opportunities open to Canadian students applying for a master’s or PhD abroad.

For more information about graduate study abroad, you might be interested in attending one of our upcoming QS World Grad School Tour events in Canada over the coming weeks. Scroll to the bottom of this article for more details.

Or, for scholarships to study in Canada as an international student from another country, visit this article.

To study anywhere in the world:

  • Arts Graduate Scholarships – regional government scholarships for Canadian students from Alberta to study anywhere in the world in selected arts fields (music, drama, dance etc.) at master’s level or equivalent.
  • UNESCO-L’Oréal for Women in Science – graduate scholarships and fellowships open to female Canadian students undertaking major research in the life sciences anywhere in the world.
  • NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships Program – government scholarships for postdoctoral Canadian students to study anywhere in the world within the natural sciences or engineering fields. Canadian applicants can only study abroad if they previously studied for their doctorate at a Canadian university.
  • The Rabin Scholarship Fund for the Advancement of Peace and Tolerance – a fund for doctoral and post-doctoral Canadian students (at any university worldwide) to further their studies into peace and tolerance by undertaking a year abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel for research and study.

To study in Asia:

To study in Australia & New Zealand:

Click here for more scholarships to study in Australia.

To study in Europe:

Click here for more scholarships to study in the UK.

Click here for more scholarships to study in Germany.

Click here for more scholarships to study in the Nordic countries.

Click here for more scholarships to study in the rest of Europe.

To study in Latin America:

To study in the US:

Click here for more scholarships to study in the US.


If you’re a Canadian student interested in studying a graduate degree abroad, you can meet universities from around the world at the QS World Grad School Tour, coming soon to Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa and Vancouver. Events are free to attend, and offer opportunities to get advice on your grad school application, as well as the chance to apply to the QS Scholarships scheme.

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