5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in New York City

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in New York City

Carly Williams

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New York City is a very desirable place to study abroad, with thousands of international students flocking there every year to further their studies, deep dive into the cultural world, establish important professional connections, and experience the buzzing city for themselves. It has been regarded as the cultural and economic capital of the world, with many different walks of life calling this city home.

Students that choose to study in NYC will find that the city has a bustling academic environment where students from all disciplines can thrive. There are so many reasons why you should choose to study in NYC and why it will be one of the best choices you ever made.

You’ll become a cultural chameleon



New York City is full of diversity, where you’ll come across many different types of individuals right on your doorstep. The city is built on a variety of cultures, languages, and social groups, which means you definitely won’t feel out of place if you are moving from a different city (or even country). The city attracts immigrants from all over the world, which will allow you to learn about different cultures and lifestyles throughout your time here.

Especially if you’re studying abroad, the city has a large population of international students, so you’ll definitely not feel alone when it comes to fitting into a new location, because there is a place for everyone.

The food (and coffee) choices are plentiful



If you are an avid foodie, NYC is the place for you. You can order every cuisine at any hour of the day (or night), with the city that never sleeps producing ALL the goods (and delivery). From Michelin star restaurants, to dive bars and Chinese takeaway at 3am, you are sure to be satisfied with the culinary options the city has to offer.

Perhaps you like to spend your Sunday mornings sipping a latte in a trendy cafe? Well, you probably wouldn’t be able to hit all of the coffee spots that this city has in store for you even if you tried.

You’ll never be bored



The number of places to explore and activities to do in New York are pretty much endless. No matter what you are interested in doing, whether it’s seeing a Broadway play, going to a poetry reading, taking a boat cruise, or spending the afternoon in a craft brewery, New York City has something to offer you.

There is so much constantly taking place in the city, with so many different communities and social groups depending on your interests and values.

The networking connections are endless


While you are working towards your degree, networking is key in order to build connections in your industry prior to the job hunt. It’s not only the most effective way to make yourself familiar with people in your chosen industry, but also allows you to get more comfortable in talking to people professionally.

NYC is said to be the land of opportunity, or in the words of Alicia Keys, ‘a concrete jungle where dreams are made of’. The amount of companies and industries that are looking for recent grads are endless, and networking can pave the way for an exciting opportunity in one of the world’s biggest corporate cities.

You’ll become extremely adaptable



Living in a city as large and in charge as NYC, you’ll become more patient and adaptable than you ever thought possible. Walking down the street in New York is a lot different than walking down the street in a quiet suburb in New Jersey, with the city bringing out all kinds of characters.

You’ll find that it takes a lot more to bug you and your skin will be seriously thickened. Someone bumped you in the subway at 7am? No worries. Didn’t get the job you wanted? Shrug it off. Someone stole your cab in the pouring rain? Okay…maybe that sucks a little.

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