Why Byron Bay Will Be Your Favorite Spot in Australia

Why Byron Bay Will Be Your Favorite Spot in Australia

Carly Williams

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If you’re jetting off to Australia, Byron Bay in New South Wales is one place that should be on the top of your list. Everyone who visits this beach town will tell you how lively yet chilled the town’s vibe is and how amazing the locals are. It’s the best place to embrace being a beach bum for a few days, with your only worry being which beach you want to visit that day or how good the surf break is. I promise that once you visit Byron, it will be one of your favorite (or if you’re like me, your ABSOLUTE favorite) spots in Australia.

1. The amazing feel-good vibes

Byron Bay

As soon as you step foot into Byron Bay you will instantly feel the good vibes that the town has to offer. Everyone seems generally chilled out, no one is in a hurry, and everyone is walking down the street in beach attire. It’s the definition of a chilled out beach town, and I guarantee you will never want to leave.

2. The picturesque beaches

Byron Bay

Byron is home to some of the most amazing beaches in all of Australia, with so many different spots to discover. The best thing to do in Byron is to do the coastal walk and stop at all of the beaches along the way—I promise you won’t be able to find a bad one.

3. The stunning coastal walks

Byron Bay

Speaking of the coastal walk… Byron has the most beautiful coastal views I have ever laid eyes on. Even if you don’t stop for a swim at one of the many beaches, just taking in the views is enough. You can also walk all the way to the lighthouse, the most easterly point in Australia where you can catch both the sunrise and sunset.

4. The trendy food spots

Byron Bay vegan food

The cuisine options in Byron are out of this world. The town is all about using local produce and ingredients to create the freshest, yummiest dishes. And not to mention, every restaurant is beautiful with trendy décor for the best photo ops. If you’re into acai bowls and vegan dishes, Byron will be paradise for you.

5. The world-renowned surf spots

Byron Bay surfing

Pro-surfers travel from all over the world to experience the amazing surf that Byron has to offer. If you’re itching to learn, this is the perfect place to do it.

6. The live music atmosphere

Live music

You will pretty much always find a musician busking in the streets or along the beach in Byron, adding to the magic of this sleepy town. The musicians you come across are some of the most amazing local artists I have ever heard—you’d think they have a record deal. You can also find live music at the local bars pretty much every night of the week as well as annual festivals.

7. The dolphin spotting


It’s not hard to spot dolphins whilst exploring the waters of Byron, especially if you’re an early bird, as these creatures commonly visit early morning surfers. A popular activity in the area is to do a kayaking excursion where dolphins will swim right up to the side of the kayak.

8. The vibrant underwater life

Coral Garden

So this town has amazing beaches, live music, epic surfing, and the chilliest vibes in the world…SURELY there can’t be more? Well, there is. Byron is a great place to grab a snorkel and explore the depths of the underwater world, with Julian Rocks Reserve being a great spot only a short boat ride away.

9. The many ways to relax

Yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beach? Yes please! Byron is one of the best places to grab a mat and get into some downward dog. There are a ton of yoga, Pilates, and fitness spots to visit. There are also a ton of spas and salons where you can relax on a rainy day.

10. The dreamy clothing shops

Shop in Byron Bay

When planning a trip to Byron, you should definitely leave some room in the budget for a spot of shopping. The town’s local clothes shops are simply amazing, with so many dreamy summer clothing, vintage shops, hippie clothing shops, and bathing suits galore.

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