Guide to Student Discounts in Australia

Guide to Student Discounts in Australia

Carly Williams

更新日期 January 16, 2020 更新日期 January 16

If you’re studying abroad in Australia, you’ve probably quickly realized that this country doesn’t exactly have student-friendly prices on everyday items. Luckily, there are a ton of student discounts available to you on things such as food, travel, clothing, school supplies, and activities.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of every student discount available to you. When you’re in need of something new, have a look for second-hand options first. And when you do end up buying something new, always check if there is an option for a student discount. From something as small as a cup of coffee to a holiday abroad splurge, there are plenty of resources available for you to save hundreds of dollars while studying abroad.


You may be wondering: how can I get access to a golden ticket to unlock all of these discounts and benefits? Why, none other than the International Student Identity Card (ISIC)! Costing only $30.00 AUD, you will be sure to make up the cost of this card very quickly if you take advantage of all the perks that come along with it. This card is the biggest internationally-recognized student IDs, with over 150,000 benefits in 130+ countries (so you can use it if you study abroad elsewhere). It basically acts as a global student ID.

With discounts on plane and train tickets and tour companies, you will be able to explore all that this country has to offer during your stay here. For example, you can receive up to 40 percent off international airfares at STA Travel, a company which organizes tours and flights for young people. The ISIC also gives you access to discounts at a number of clothing stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and even gives you a free travel sim card upon arrival in your destination. Make sure to ask stores and companies if they accept this card, as a lot of them won’t advertise it.

A free ISIC app is also available, so you can research deals on the go, directly from your phone! Some deals include: two for one admission at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, 20 percent off YHA hostels, and 10 percent off Jucy campervan hire.


Australia’s most popular student platform, StudentVIP offers textbooks, tutors, notes, campus maps, and access to student events. Textbooks are an essential and extremely pricey cost of being a student, but they don’t have to break the bank. If you join this site, you can buy used textbooks and sell them after you are finished with them. You can also sell textbook notes. It’s free to join, so what are you waiting for?

Student Edge

Another resource that is 100 percent free to join, Student Edge aims to help students save money and better manage their finances, as well as assists students in finding jobs. Along with that, they also offer hundreds of deals on products, which are easily accessible via the Student Edge—The App. There is even a map feature where you can find the closest deals to your location! Deals include: 50 percent off Spotify membership, up to $500 off Apple Products, and $13 Hoyts movies.


Yes, shopping on a student budget is a guilt-free possibility. For all you fashion forward folk, UNiDAYS provides student discounts on top clothing brands such as Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and Topshop. Another resource that is free to join, you’ll get access to not only clothing deals, but also giveaways for students.

You will be sent your very own UNiDAYS ID, however if you are for some reason without your card, you can still access discounts via the app.

If you need to buy any type of educational software, Student Discounts is worth checking out. Specializing in tech-based deals, this site offers up to 80 percent off selected products from manufacturers such as Microsoft, Corel, and Adobe.

And if you’re in need of any Apple products, Apple Education Pricing also offers discounts to university students on MacBook models, iPads, and accessories.

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