A Guide to Rottnest Island: Beyond the Quokka Selfies

A Guide to Rottnest Island: Beyond the Quokka Selfies

Carly Williams

更新日期 January 16, 2020 更新日期 January 16

Rottnest Island, located a 30-minute boat ride from the city of Perth, Australia, is pretty much the closest thing you can find to complete paradise. For the locals of Perth, the island is just another reason why they will boast that the west coast of Australia is truly the best, with weekend trips to this slice of paradise being the norm.

While people come here searching for quokkas, this spot has truly so much more to offer than a selfie with a furry friend. I guarantee you will be in awe the second you step foot onto this island, with dozens of picturesque beaches, epic snorkeling spots, whale-watching, great biking trails, and overall the best place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

1. Visit one of the many beaches

Rottnest beach

With a total of 63 beaches, you’ll need a few visits to this island to hit them all. The amazing thing about having so many options is that the beaches are never overcrowded, with some of them being completely empty, and therefore all to yourself.

2. Grab your snorkel and explore the underwater world

Go snorkeling

There are so many amazing spots to snorkel around the island, including Salmon Bay, Fish Hook Bay, Kitson Point, Little Armstrong Bay, and many more. You can pretty much snorkel at any spot on the island and you’ll be sure to spot something. Snorkels can be rented at the same place where you rent your bike for the day.

3. See the island by bike

Cycing on Rottnest Island

Why take the shuttle bus around the island when you can get some fresh air and exercise and bike around it? The island doesn’t allow any cars, so it’s pretty much the perfect spot to bike without any distractions. And better yet, you can stop whenever you want to stop without being on a bus schedule.

4. Go whale watching

Whale watching

The island is the perfect location to see both humpback and southern right whales as they migrate along the west coast, especially from late August to November. You can spot them at the West End Boardwalk, accessible by bike or the island bus.

5. Visit the aqua park

Aqua Park

Think aqua parks are just for kids? You’d be mistaken. This place has inflatable floating rides, rock climbing walls, and an obstacle course to prance around in. The little kid will come out of anyone who visits this park.

6. Cool off with a pint

Refreshing pint

There are a few spots on the island where you can grab a drink, snack, or ice cream cone, with the most popular being Hotel Rottnest, the perfect spot to grab a drink with an amazing view of the water. You can also stay overnight here (and why wouldn’t you?).

7. Take a boat tour

Rottnest Boat Tour

There is a Discovery Bus Tour that loops around the island in 90 minutes, where you can sit back, relax, and learn about the island’s culture and history. And let’s be honest, it’s just another way to experience the beauty of Rottnest, in all its glory.

8. Rent a paddleboard


The island is the perfect spot to grab a paddleboard and spend the day out in the water, with calm waters and minimal waves making for a serene experience.

9. Take in the view…from 15,000 feet


Ever wanted to skydive? Well, this is pretty much the perfect location to do so, with stunning turquoise waters and a beach as your landing spot. You will be in awe all the way down, forgetting that you just jumped 15,000 feet out of a plane.

10. And of course…meet a quokka


Even though there’s more to the island than quokkas, it’s an absolute must to go quokka spotting in order to see some of these native creatures. These tiny animals have no fear of humans and will often come right up to you, and they’re pretty much the most photogenic creature in the world.

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