Why Camp America is the Perfect Way to Spend Your Summer

Why Camp America is the Perfect Way to Spend Your Summer

Meg Dye

更新日期 January 16, 2020 更新日期 January 16

Camp America offers cultural exchange summer jobs in the US to young people from around the world. Successful applicants are recruited to work at thousands of summer camps across the US.

The experiece is marketed as the "summer of a lifetime" but what's it actually like? Having experienced it all first-hand, I'm here to say it's possibly one of the best ways you could spend your summer. Here are the reasons why I found the Camp America experience to be completely unforgettable.

The memories

Yes, there are some days when Camp is gruelling - its an early start, you’re tired, drained, and the day is so long.

However, when you look back at your time there, it will be with such fond memories.

Looking back at it now, the experience was unforgettable, and I would not have changed that summer for the world. Camp outs, camp fires, camp songs, the chants, the hikes, the horseback rides, the days by the lakes. All of it was unbelievable. 

The friends

Camp friends make the best friends! Camp America bonds people like no other experience. You work together, you learn together, you laugh together, you cry together. After nine weeks of intense camp life, you will have formed friendships which will last your entire life. I'm still best friends with my camp girls, and wouldn’t change them for the world. If you want friends for life - do Camp America. 

The campers

The children you have to supervise and look after are sometimes the most annoying humans on the planet, BUT they are also fun, cute, and what makes the camp experience so special.

It's important to remember that you’re a role model to the campers - they have been looking forward to this summer all year round and it shows in their attitude.

Your job is to ensure they’re safe and having the best time ever. They will learn from you, but you will also learn so much from them. 

The location

Camp is generally set in some of the most beautiful locations across the US. My camp was in rural Texas, surrounded by huge hills and a gorgeous giant lake. It was paradise.

The location is obviously a huge aspect of camp life - you need to make the most out of it and get outside and embrace the wilderness while you're there.

The activities

Camp is a perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and try something completely new, with activities galore for you to try out in your role as camp guide.

Whether it's flying through the air on a zip line, canoeing on the lake, hiking trails, rock climbing, challenging yourself on the high/low ropes course or horseback riding, you won't be short of things to do (and that's barely scratching the surface!) Do as much as you can! 

The culture

Ever wanted to experience some authentic American culture? Just wait until you're celebrating July 4th at Camp - one of the coolest experiences of my summer. There was red, white and blue everywhere, themed food, themed costumes, fireworks, and just pure joy.

This, and many other cool experiences, are part of your itinerary when you spend a summer at Camp America. 

The traveling

One of the best aspects of the Camp America experience is that you arrive in the US on a J1 visa. This visa, which allows you 30 days of travel after your time at camp, is intended to help the trip act as a cultural exchange and not just a working holiday.

Traveling around the US was an amazing experience for me, as it meant I got to watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon, visit Las Vegas, the Big Apple, Los Angeles and many more iconic destinations.

The CV

Camp America is a seriously impressive thing to have on your CV. Practically every employer has heard of it and knows what type of person you have to be in order to have done it. While at Camp, you'll also have the opportunity to improve your soft skills and try things that are completely new which might be useful in your later career.

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