Seven Helpful Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon

Seven Helpful Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon

Meg Dye

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The Grand Canyon is quite simply mind-blowing. A formation of eroded rock, the Canyon has unique colors and patterns which are just incredible to look at. It stretches for 277 miles, measuring 18 miles across and one mile deep, so there's a lot to take in when you visit it. I can safely say the Grand Canyon is truly overwhelming - both from its sheer size, and unbelievable beauty.

Here are some top tips for your visit to this National Park, based on my own experience.

More than anything...enjoy it

The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world. It's beyond beautiful, magical, and everything in between. Take it all in and really enjoy your surroundings - there is truly nothing like it.

Go for sunrise

It's extremely rare for most people to enjoy waking up in the dark, clambering around trying to find their clothes and hiking shoes, but the sunrise over the Grand Canyon is worth it.

Imagine when that first light breaks over the orange rocks, and how it all glows so beautifully. It's genuinely hard to put into words and even pictures can't do it justice. You will not regret making the effort to get up early and experience this sunrise in person.

Start early

Even if you don't get up for sunrise, it's important to start your hike around the Grand Canyon early. As it's located in the middle of Arizona, it gets hot here quickly. Aim to finish walking by midday and you'll avoid being out for the hottest part of the day and, trust me, you don't want to be hiking when that heat hits. It gets tough.

Remember, you come up after you go down

We forgot this when we started hiking down into the Canyon, but it's vital to know your limits and remember that what goes down must come back up. It's a steep climb back to your starting point which can be hard and hot work.

Know how good you are at hiking, your stamina, and your fitness levels. It's extremely important because this National Park is huge and if you don't leave enough time or energy for the end of your hike then you could end up in serious trouble.

Stay hydrated

Have I mentioned it’s hot? There are no water points in the Grand Canyon so please ensure you bring enough liquid with you to get through the hike.

An important lesson my guide taught me is that if you need the loo, you are hydrated. Do not let yourself get dehydrated during this one because you will struggle.

Educate yourself

There are a huge amount of education programs available at the Grand Canyon every single day. From the information center to the park rangers, take the time to get to know what you're seeing. The extra knowledge will make your visit even more meaningful.

Take photos, leave no trace

Take photos and nothing else. The Grand Canyon is a National Park, and needs to have its beauty preserved for generations to come. Don’t take souvenirs and don’t leave rubbish. That’s common sense.

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