Best Study Spots in London

Best Study Spots in London

Jenny Scott Russell

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By Jenny Scott Russell – Local Leo

Sometimes all you want is a change of scene and studying at your university or at home doesn’t quite cut it. Luckily for all of you studying in London there are some great public workspaces dotted across the city, all free to use and with pretty decent Wi-Fi. Whether you’re part of a study group or it’s just you and your laptop, there is a place to suit everyone’s needs. From cafés to museums and libraries, London is a great place to work from in public. Read on to find out the best study spots in London.

The British Library

British Library

The British Library is huge and has lots of different areas perfect for studying in. There are booths and tables to suit any size study group and equally fitting spaces for some solo study time. The library is peaceful and easy to get to, located a few minutes’ walk from Kings Cross station, and the Wi-Fi is free. There are also multiple cafes on site so you don’t have to venture far for a well-deserved coffee break.

Your Local Library

The British Library is impressive and worth visiting regardless of how much studying you have to do! But your local library is likely to provide free Wi-Fi and study spaces too, while probably being a little less busy. London is dotted with libraries and it’s really easy to sign up for a library card online which gives you access to catalogs, computers, books, films and much more.

The Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel

The lobby of The Ace Hotel was specifically designed for freelancers, students and groups of people wanting to hold meetings and work with their laptops. It’s ideal for a full day’s work, and also of course features a bar to finish in with your fellow students!

Google Campus

It’s free to become a member of Google Campus, which was founded with start-up businesses and entrepreneurs in mind. Students are also welcome to this co-working space with a café downstairs to work from. It tends to get pretty busy so probably isn’t the best place to go if you need to concentrate on something properly. However, for group projects or critiques it’s perfect.  

The Wellcome Collection


Everyone is welcome at the Wellcome Collection Reading Room and Library with ample space for you to spread out and study. You can book study rooms in advance or sign in as a day visitor to access the library materials and Wi-Fi. You can’t take food or drinks in here which is worth mentioning if you plan on spending a long time studying. 

The Barbican Centre

The Barbican Centre

There are so many places to settle down and work from in the Barbican, not to mention their onsite library which has free and fast Wi-Fi. You can stay there all day and also get the chance to explore the museum exhibitions which are always amazing. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés to break up your day too.

Timber Yard UK

People are encouraged to come to Timber Yard to work, the idea behind the workspace being a cross between an office and a coffee shop. There are also meeting rooms which you can hire, however these are pretty pricey starting at £80 for two hours. Depending on how many of you need the room this could be an option but the coffee shop itself is free to use. There is free Wi-Fi, great coffee and high-quality food to keep you going too.

The Hoxton Hotel

Hoxton Hotel

There are a few hotels in London which welcome students and freelancers needing a place to work. The Hoxton Hotel is one of the best with a cozy atmosphere and free Wi-Fi in their bars, restaurants and courtyard. You can basically work anywhere in the hotel, which is located less than a 10-minute walk from Old Street station.

Coffee Shops and Cafés

Coffee shops and cafés are great for casual study groups and there are lots in London which welcome students and people who are looking to spend a day working. The most popular spots with relaxed staff and free Wi-Fi include The Book Club and Ozone Coffee Roasters in Shoreditch and The Riding House Café just off Oxford Street. Obviously, you can’t expect to stay all day and only drink tap water but within reason, they’ll be happy to have you.

Victoria and Albert Museum Art Library


This is a particularly beautiful place to study, located in the center of Kensington in the Victoria and Albert Museum. It’s free to become a member and you can register online or in person. The space is popular but always quiet so great if you need to seriously concentrate on something. 

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