Study in Italy at a US University

Study in Italy at a US University

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Are you in love with the idea of living in Rome, but also want to get your degree from a US university? John Cabot University offers the chance to combine the two – meaning you can study in Italy while also gaining a degree with US accreditation.

Find out what two John Cabot University graduates have to say about their experience...

“Preparation for an international career in banking”

Silvia Dalla Torre graduated from John Cabot University in 2012, with a major in business administration. Since leaving the university, she’s fulfilled her dream of launching her career in banking by signing a contract with the well-known Swiss bank UBS, in Zurich.

I have been hired to work as a Customer Relationship Manager on a global team. I will be mostly responsible for relations with UBS clients in Singapore and Hong Kong. Besides working with high-profile clients, I will also be managing investments and improving our service through an online platform.

My wonderful work experience in Zurich, a city I didn't know until a year ago and that I have learned to love, started a few months after finishing at John Cabot. Thanks to the university's Career Fair (the event which brings together companies and students and helps students find jobs), I received a first job offer from Ernst & Young in Zurich.

When I began working I also started taking German language courses in order to become more competitive and marketable. And then my dream came true: a job with UBS, the first step towards an international career in banking.

Truth be told, I have been preparing for a job in this field for a while: in my senior year at John Cabot, in fact, I focused on Financial Management and International Business.

But my real preparation for a career in international banking started on my first day as a John Cabot student. The university's intellectual and cultural diversity, provided by students and professors from all over the world, is something that enriched me personally and professionally.

What I learned by working on teams with international students at John Cabot helped me be totally at ease when I started working in an international setting and helped me avoid making big mistakes in the real world. The other advantage John Cabot gave me was the ability to develop interesting ideas and projects and to communicate them effectively, not only through Powerpoint presentations, but also thanks to persuasive delivery techniques. In this way I learned to analyze and discuss financial projects while I was still in school before I had to do it in the workplace.

Finally, I have to thank John Cabot because when I have a doubt or a question my professors are always available, and this provides a network of support that adds to my self-confidence as a young professional.

“A high-level international environment”

Leonardo Quattrucci graduated from John Cabot University in May 2013, with a major in international affairs. He’s now preparing to start a Master of Public Policy at the University of Oxford.

One reason I came to John Cabot was because I knew it could bring out the best in me and prepare me for a Masters at my dream school: the University of Oxford. I was sure that JCU was the only place in Rome and Italy where I could find a high-level international environment, excellent professors and professional opportunities. Well, I was right: I have just been accepted to Oxford's Master of Public Policy!

For the past three years, I have lived in a unique environment that fosters debate and exchange with students from all over the world. Through a sort of cross-pollination, they have enriched my cultural and analytical perspective, helped me think about everyday issues in new ways and taught me how to communicate across cultures.

Simultaneously, world-class professors and professionals have patiently taught me how to perfect my skills and transform my passions and potential into fruitful projects. They have guided me in my personal and intellectual growth.

Finally, JCU has given me the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to real life experiences through its incredible internship program. At 19, I was selected for an internship at the Italian Parliament and the following year at the US Embassy in Rome.

In short, thanks to the students, professors and opportunities I found at JCU, I have developed a global vision and solution-oriented analytical skills that will allow me to compete and thrive at Oxford and in any international context.

Founded in 1972, John Cabot University is based in Rome, and is accredited by the US Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It offers a selection of undergraduate degrees, all taught in English. Scholarships and grants are available, both for Italian and international students.

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