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QS Best Student Cities ranking: 23rd

Like other Australian cities, capital city Canberra scores very well in the student mix indicator in the QS Best Student Cities ranking, reflecting its large and internationally diverse student population. As the home of Australia’s highest-ranked university, Australian National University (ANU) – ranked joint 29th in the latest QS World University Rankings® – it’s unsurprising to find the city has proven attractive to students from around the world. 

Canberra also receives a top-30 score for desirability, which draws on a range of sources to assess both actual quality of life and student demand. While it may be one of Australia’s few major settlements which is not within walking distance of the beach, Canberra nonetheless has plenty of natural attractions – including its own (man-made) lake right in the city center, and numerous nature reserves all around.

Respondents to the student survey praised Canberra’s safe, relaxed and welcoming environment, while also highlighting opportunities for those interested in national politics and government. One commented, “Moving from Sydney where everything is so chaotic and work-focused, Canberra definitely has the balance of fun and work.”

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Internationally ranked universities in Canberra

Australian National University (ANU)University of Canberra

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Australian National University (joint 29th)



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